How the Rounders inspired a generation of poker gamers

The movie Rounders was released in 1998, and it’s somewhat surprising why it didn’t air in German theatres. Edward Norton was already nominated for an Oscar in 1997 as the best supporting actor. Matt Damon celebrated world success in 1997 with Rainmaker, Good Will Hunting and soldier James Ryan. Rounders’ poker spectacle seems to have not been in fashion in Germany. The film was released on DVD in 2006. The stripes are worth seeing. Especially if you like poker. In the film, poker superstar Johnny Chan plays himself, who lost a game in Matt Damon’s film.

It’s a simple explanation. The term “rounders” refers to a multi-talent who makes money from poker. Of course, these people know the most common poker games of Texas Holdem, Stud Poker, and Draw Poker. The film describes the rules of the Texas Holdem, the most popular variant from the start. It also describes various strategies for quieting or assessing the other party.

Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) is very good at poker, but almost all of his property is taken away by the Russian mafia, Teddy KGB (John Malkovich). Then he stops playing the game. I don’t even start right now because of my girlfriend, and then his best friend, Edward Norton, is released from prison and the KGB is in debt for a great deal. Mike promises Lester to help him and even guarantees for him. The two friends need money relatively quickly. They see poker as the only way. Mike used his talent and Lester tricked him like that. But it’s worse than right and wrong.

In the end, Mike borrowed from Professor No. 10, and he’s going to try the Russian Mafia KGB again. He recoups all his friend’s debts and previous losses. But the KGB irritates him and Mike becomes another mockery of losing almost all of his chips. But suddenly, as light rises, he can see repeated behavior in the KGB and assess the value of his hands. If Mike wins, all the chips in the KGB win.

Mike pays all his debts and his friend’s debts. With the success, Mike decides to become a professional player in Las Vegas, and will face off at the World Series poker main event with celebrities like Johnny Chan, as mentioned earlier.

Were you out of sight?
For the 1998 poker boom, Germany can argue that it is not yet mature enough, or that there is someone who just fell asleep. This is not the first time that the trend from the United States to Europe has soared. Well, over the past few years, Europe has been a little bit opposed to the U.S., no longer doing everything together, but also developing its own things, like the Bosball from Spain.

But in the late ’90s, Europe was still heavily influenced by the United States, and thus indirectly influenced by the Landers. Poker has always stood out in pop culture. Think of James Bond. Agent 007 was sitting in rows at the poker table. The pocketbook, the biggest game in Alvarez’s town, is often made to save poker. However, the Lenders are likely to have made up a significant portion as well. It’s not only because of the famous roles, but also because of a simple explanation of how scenes and games work.

In fact, online poker has gained huge popularity over the past decade, especially in Germany. Pius Heinz, who won the 2011 World Series of Poker, is also responsible. In 2011, the University of Hamburg conducted a study, and six years ago it already conducted more than 581 studies. Thousands of gamers from Germany are playing online focus.

Online poker is certainly legal in Germany when it comes to game fees. The poker for real money is in the gray area in Germany, but so far the conviction has not been made known. Almost all poker providers have overseas headquarters where other laws apply, and serious providers have valid EU licenses. By law, online poker is considered harmless even if the legal situation is not clear. Several attempts have been made to classify poker as a game of skill, not gambling.